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Full hardcover dust jacket of the UK hardback edition of Shaman's Crossing, art by John Howe.

Shaman's Crossing is the first book of the Soldier Son trilogy, published in 2005. The second and third books are Forest Mage and Renegade Magic. When the trilogy still had the working title "Speck's Magic", this first book was tentatively titled "Soldier Son".


To Caffeine and Sugar

my companions through many a
long night of writing


The author would like to acknowledge and thank David
Killingsworth for providing information on
several weighty matters. It was greatly appreciated.

Many thank to Amy Robbins, copyeditor, for her sharp eyes.


  • A UK hardcover edition was published by Voyager the of 4th of July 2005 with ISBN 0007196121. The covers were illustrated by John Howe. There is a slight gilding on some details of the cover.
  • A UK hardcover signed and numbered limited edition by Voyager in July 2005 with ISBN 0007214685. No cover art, black boards, slipcased. Limited to 1000 copies.
  • A US hardcover edition was published by Eos/HarperCollins the 6th of September 2005 with ISBN 0060757620. Cover art by Christophe Vacher.
    • A hardcover book club edition SFBC #1194557 in November 2005.
    • ARC with the Vacher cover with a black stripe on the left side and ISBN 9780060757625.
  • A UK trade paperback edition in February 2006 was published by Voyager/HarperCollins ISBN 000719613X. Cover art by John Howe, cover similar to the UK hardcover.
  • A UK paperback edition was published by Voyager the 3rd of July 2006 with ISBN 0007196148. The cover is a slightly altered version of the original UK covers by John Howe.
  • A US paperback edition was published the 29th of August or the 1st of September 2006 with ISBN 9780060758288. Cover art different from the hardback, artist unknown.
  • A UK paperback edition with cover art by Jackie Morris in 2008. ISBN 9780007196142, which is also the ISBN-13 version of the previous UK paperback with the Howe cover.
  • A US hardcover edition in May 2008 from Paw Prints with ISBN 9781435270336, library binding.
  • An ebook edition from Harper Voyager the 4th of September 2008 with ASIN: B002RI9F5Y.
  • An unabridged US audio book from Recorded Books in various formats. Narrated by John Keating. Length 25 hours. [1]
  • An unabridged UK audio book from HarperCollins the 6th of November 2012 with ASIN: B00A2Y0OT6. Narrated by Jonathan Barlow. Length: 21 hours 8 minutes.



  • A Chinese translation 萨满桥 in a two-volume hardback set by 中国妇女出版社 in 2010 with ISBN 9787802039094.
  • A Dutch translation Overgangsritueel was published by Uitgeverij Luitingh, in 2005, ISBN 9024553687 (hardcover). John Howe's cover art was flipped so that the sword is on the back cover and the forest image on the front. The 2008 reprint with ISBN 9789024528813 flipped the cover back so that the sword is on the front.
  • A French translation was published in two parts
  • A French translation Le Soldat chamane - L'Intégrale 1 from Pygmalion in 2012 with the Vacher cover. Reprinted in January 2014 by J'ai lu with ISBN 9782290082355 and different cover art.
  • A French translation Le soldat chamane: La Déchirure from Flammarion jeunesse the 10th of June 2015 with ISBN 9782081265219, art by Benjamin Carré.
  • A German translation Traumbrücke was supposedly published in February 2007 by Fantasy Productions with ISBN 3890644694 but it doesn't seem to exist.
  • A German translation Die Schamanenbrücke was published in March 2008 by Klett-Cotta with ISBN 9783608938128, translated by Joachim Pente with the original John Howe covers. Another edition by Heine in 2010 with different cover art and ISBN 9783453532205.
  • An Italian translation Lo spirito della foresta published in fall 2009 by Fanucci with ISBN 9788834715208, translated by Louis Palestine, using the Vacher cover.
  • A Polish translation was scheduled for 2008 by MAG and was later rescheduled for 2011 but looks like it hasn't yet come to be. (2014)

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The Soldier Son trilogy

Shaman's Crossing | Forest Mage | Renegade's Magic


  1. Recorded Books: Robin Hobb: Shaman's Crossing