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Skill is the hereditary magic of the Farseer line, but it is also found most often from those who have both Six Duchies and Out Islands bloodlines in their family.

"When the sea blood flows with the blood of the plains, the Skill will blossom."
a folk saying

Skill is the magic that gives you ability to feel people, their moods, thoughts and emotions. Those who are strongly skilled can influence them. Two people who have the Skill can use it to discuss with each other, no matter how far they physically are. You can also see what the other sees or hear what he hears.

Skill is addictive: you want to spend more time skilling, draw more Skill than necessary. If the user isn't careful, they can be swept away by the Skill. Their mind drowns to the Skill river, leaving the body to a coma like state. A skill-user has to pay attention to his skilling at all times.

Skill can also be used to heal or to inflict physical pain. Skill-users can use Skill to extend their life.

Skill terms