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'''Warriors''' is an upcoming cross-genre anthology anthology edited by GRR Martin and Gardner Dozois for Tor Books that will include the Robin Hobb short story [[The Triumph]].The overall theme is "war and warrior ethos" and all 20 stories are original and never before published * Introduction: "Stories from the Spinner Rack" by George R.R. MartinOther authors whose work will be featured include Robert Silverberg, * The King of Norway by Cecilia Holland* Forever Bound by Joe Haldeman, Cecilia Holland, * The Triumph by Robin Hobb* Clean Slate by Lawrence Block* And Ministers of Grace by Tad Williams* Soldierin' by Joe Lansdale* Dirae by Peter S. Beagle* The Eagle and the Rabbit by Steven Saylor* Seven Years from Home by Naomi Novik* The Custom of the Army by Diana Gabaldon* The Pit by James Rollins* Out of the Dark by David Weber* The Girls from Avenger by Carrie Vaughn* Ancient Ways by S.M. Stirling* Ninieslando by Howard Waldrop* Recidivist by Gardner Dozois* My Name is Legion by David Morrell and Lawrence Block* Defenders of the Frontier by Robert Silverberg* The Scroll by David Ball* The Mystery Knight by George R.R. Martin ==Editions== * Hardcover edition by Tor in late 2010 or early 2011  More at[ GRRM's livejournal]
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