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skill order for Fitz to die
Galen was forced into undying loyalty to
[[Chivalry]] in an accident; Chivalry intended only to make Galen like him, and never could undo the Skill command. That same command later made Galen blame [[Fitz]] for Chivalry's stepping down from the line of succession and eventual death. Galen bullied and nearly beat Fitz to death; in response , giving him a Skill order to Die. [[Smithy]], [[Burrich]] and [[the Fool]] saved Fitz; in response Burrich challenged and defeated him before the [[Witness Stones]], forcing him to admit that Fitz was a Farseer and that Galen would teach him.
However, the beating from Burrich apparently warred with Chivalry's Skill command, and instead of teaching Fitz, Galen allowed him to physically participate in lessons but never again Skilled with him.

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