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I'm not at all sure it was Patience's idea to move to Withywoods etc. From all the clues scattered around the books, it seems to me to be the influence of Queen Desire/Regal (maybe even Galen too, even though this is early). Regal remarks several times how "my mother the queen" doesn't approve of Fitz and Chivalry's eccentric wife etc etc. It has always seemed to me Fitz was the perfect excuse to move Regal up a notch in the order of inheritance. Besides, Patience may feel jealous, but she has no reason to be angry or feel betrayed, as Fitz was conceived BEFORE their marriage. Thoughts? --Mervi 09:22, 3 August 2010 (UTC)


I also have the sense that it was perhaps Chivalry's own idea to step down, so as to protect Fitz. --BelleFree