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White Prophets are believed to be descendants of the ancient race of Whites, but they are not a race themselves. Instead, White Prophets appear here and there from an ordinary folk with normal bloodlines. There is supposed to be only one White Prophet at any one time. They are born with white skin and colourless eyes, but each time they work a change in the world, they suffer from an illness that leaves them a shade darker.

To each White Prophet, there is a Catalyst that only the White Prophet can recognize. Through and together with the Catalyst the White Prophet aims to alter the events of time into a better path, for it is believed that otherwise the events will only repeat themselves and lead us all into a deeper darkness.

The philosophy about White Prophets and Catalyst is known in Jamaillia and the Six Duchies, but its origins are far to the south. There is a School of the White Prophets far to the south in Clerres.

Known White Prophets include:

and possibly

  • Prilkop, also known as the Black Man described himself as a failed White Prophet.