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A list of writings that Fitz refers to in the Realm of the Elderlings books:


Treeknee's translations of Oklef's writings were done at behest of Skillmaster Barley.

The Wit and Old Blood

  • Diseases and Afflictions by Sarcogin
  • Old Blood Tales by Badgerlock
  • The Politics of the Piebald Cabal by Delvin
  • The Piebald Conspiracy by Rowell
  • The Bear-boy and the Princess (not quite sure if this actually a scroll)

White Prophets

  • Cults and Heresies of the Southlands by Wiflen

Six Duchies histories

  • An Account of the Red Ship War by Fedwren
  • Six Duchies Governance by Fedwren
  • Mountain Queen by Bedel
  • Histories by Slek
  • A History of the Earwood Line by scribe Duvlen
  • Customs of the Buck Duchy by Lady Clarine


This list is not yet completed