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Based on the Jamaillian calendar, the folks of the Rain Wilds and Bingtown count their years according to the ruling Satrap in Jamaillia. Starting from the Year the 7th of the Reign of the Most Noble and Magnificent Satrap Cosgo they start to use "Years of the Independent Alliance of Traders” alongside it. It seems that over the years this new way of counting the years somewhat replaces the old style.

Some of the months have the same names as in the Jamaillian calendar, but there are also changes. There is no Grain Moon as there is in the Jamaillian calendar, which perhaps makes sense because there is very little arable land there in which to plant grain crops.

There are (at least) twelve months. They are here in their relative order, although whether the year actually starts with Still Moon is not quite certain.

  • Still Moon
  • Hope Moon
  • Change Moon
  • Fish Moon
  • Plough Moon
  • Greening Moon
  • Growing Moon
  • Prayer Moon
  • Gold Moon
  • Browning Moon
  • Rain Moon

Somewhere between the new year and the Greening Moon is also

  • Ham Moon