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Our knowledge of the calendar used in Jamaillia is based on the diary entries of Lady Carillion. Since she faced considerable hardships on her journey and at times was even herself uncertain of what day it was, we can not trust that her notes are completely accurate. At one point she seems to use the name of the previous month instead of the current one.

There are at least 29 days in each month. How many months there are in total is not known, but as there are at least 12 in the Bingtown calendar which is derived from the Jamaillian one, it's relatively safe to assume that's the number.

The names of the known months in their relative order:

  • Fish Moon
  • Plough Moon
  • Greening Moon
  • Grain Moon
  • Prayer Moon
  • Gold Moon

Grain Moon is a summer month, and harvesting is done during Gold Moon.

The years are counted according to the Satraps that rule. For example, Lady Carillion’s journey took place on the 14th year of the reign of Satrap Esclepius so the year is styled Year the 14th of the reign of the Most Noble and Magnificent Satrap Esclepius. Lady Carillion abandons the Jamaillian calendar later on and starts using arbitrary terms such as “5th day of the City” and “Day 7th of Light and Air” based on events in her life. She also abandons the Satrap’s years and starts counting "Years of the Rain Wilds”. It seems that when the Rain Wilds settlements have stabilised and grown and connection to the outer world is re-made, the people living there keep counting years according to the Satraps. However, their calendar, even though based on the Jamaillian one, seems to be slightly different.