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Brawndy was the duke of Bearns during King Shrewd's reign. He had three daughters. The second oldest is Faith and the youngest one is Celerity.

Brawndy made plans for the marriage of Fitz and Celerity. Later when it became clear to him that Regal would not help the Coastal Duchies to fight back the Red Ship Raiders, he offered Fitz his and the other Coastal Duchies' support if he would declare himself king-in-waiting. Later still, when Fitz was kept in the Buckkeep's dungeons by Regal, Brawndy gave him his cloak for warmth and demanded he must be treated fairly and that his supposed crimes must be proven.

Duke Brawndy died in the Red Ship War defending the body of his fallen heir, her oldest daughter, when the Raiders attacked their home of Ripplekeep.