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Buckkeep by John Howe
The Farseer Buck by Jackie Morris

Buckkeep is the coastal castle in the Buck Duchy near the mouth of the Buck River and home to the royal court of the Farseers. The original wooden keep, build by some unknown landchief to control trade on the river, was captured and fortified by King Taker, and the following generations rebuilt it with stone and added more structures, creating layers of labyrinths within the walls.

Since Taker came, the fort has never been taken by outsiders.

Buckkeep is an ideal place for controlling trade. It has the best deep-water port in the Six Duchies, surrounded by good fishing grounds. Trade goods are transported via the Buck River from Farrow and Tilth to Buckkeep town.

Parts of the castle and grounds

the grounds

the towers

in the keep

first floor

third floor

fourth floor

  • servants quarters