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The walls of the Buckkeep castle contain a secret labyrinth. It is a large maze and apparently only Chade knows all of its parts. It was build partly on purpose and partly in accident: the castle has been rebuilt and extended over and over again since the original wooden keep was captured by Taker and destroyed in fire. Some parts of the labyrinth are old and abandoned servant's stairs and other parts have been constructed with the possibility of spying in mind. The labyrinth seems to reach every possible part of the keep except for the Queen's Garden.

Known areas of the labyrinth

  • A secret door opens to long, narrow, windings stairs from Fitz's room to Chade's tower room. Those two rooms are also connected through the fireplaces in them.
  • A secret door opens from the adjacent servant's chamber of Lord Golden's chambers to stairs within the keep's walls
  • Seawatch tower has an opening to the labyrinth
  • Kettricken's chambers are connected to it
  • Chade's tower room has at least three different entries (through the scroll rack to Lord Golden's chambers, through the wine rack which presumably goes to the servant's quarters as this was usually Thick's entrance, and the stairway to Fitz's room)
  • There are six entry points in the servants' areas
    • One of them is near the cook's larder