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Dragon Keeper

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US paperback coming in January + French details
* US hardcover edition by HarperCollins/Eos January 26th 2010 with ISBN 0061561622. Cover art by [[Steve Stone]].
* US audio book by Tantor media, unabridged edition 26th of January, narrated by [[Anne Flosnik]]. ISBN 9781400113330.
* US mass market paperback by Eos January 25th 2011 with ISBN 9780061561658
* a Dutch translation titled ''De Kronieken van de Wilde Regenlanden eerste boek: Drakenhoeder'' by Luitingh, 11th of November 2009 with ISBN 9789024528769
* an Italian translation titled ''Il Custode del Drago (Le Cronache delle Giungle della Pioggia #1)'' by Fanucci, 22nd of April 2010 with ISBN 9788834715895. Translated by [[Gabriele Giorgi]].
* A French translation was split in two parts. Part 1 titled ''Les Cités des Anciens, Tome 1 : Dragons et serpents'' was published by Pygmalion 22nd of September 2010 with ISBN 9782756402871 and part 2 ''Les Cités des Anciens, Tome 2 : Les eaux acides'' 17th of November 2010 with 9782756402888. The covers are the US covers for Dragon Haven and Dragon Keeper respectively.

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