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Tradeford is a city in Farrow on the Vin River. Neighbouring towns include Pome downriver and Landing upriver.

Tradeford is a large city on flat land, and its streets are paved with cobbles. Tradeford Castle is situated on a slight rise overlooking the river. The city is a centre of trade for goods from Farrow and as well as from Tilth on the other side of the river, as well as those shipped upriver from Buck and beyond, and as such has many shops, taverns, inns, stables and a hiring fair. It's a rich city with gardens and fountains as well as temples and theaters and schooling places. The Vin River flattens at Tradeford and becomes so wide that the opposite shore can be hard to see. The riverbed is gravel and bedrock, and the water is so shallow that whole herds of cattle and sheep can be forded across it. Goods are transported with shallow-draft cable barges over deeper water downstream.

Regal spent his childhood summers at Tradeford and once he declared himself King, moved his whole court there from Buckkeep. Most of Buckkeep's good servants, valuable items and livestock were taken to Tradeford. A lot of what had not been sold or given away were later returned to Buckkeep. Tradeford was where Regal started to build the Great King's Circle.

During the final stages of the Red Ship War, the raiders attacked the outskirts of Tradeford. Regal himself joined the battle.

After the war, control of Tradeford was given to Lady Patience. She doubled the size of the gardens and converted the King's Circle to a botanical garden with plants gathered from all over the Six Duchies and even further away. She also turned part of the local hemp field production into making paper instead of just rope.