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Original cover for The Unicorn Treasury.
Cover for the new edition of The Unicorn Treasury by Echo Chernik.

The Unicorn Treasury is an anthology of unicorn stories for young readers, edited by Bruce Coville.

Table of contents

  • The Lore of the Unicorn by Bruce Coville
  • The Unicorn in the Maze by Megan Lindholm
  • Unicorn by William Jay Smith
  • A Net to Catch the Wind by Margaret Greaves
  • Riddle by Myra Cohn Livingston
  • The Valley of the Unicorns (from A Swiftly Tilting Planet) by Madeleine L'Engle
  • Ragged John by Beatrice Farrington
  • Homeward Bound by Bruce Coville
  • The Paint Box by E. V. Rieu
  • The Transfigure Hart (from The Transfigure Hart) by Jane Yolen
  • The Unicorn by Ella Young
  • The Snow White Pony by Ardath Mayhar
  • What News the Eagle Brought (from The Last Battle) by C. S. Lewis
  • Unicorn by Nicholas Stuart Gray
  • The Princess, the Cat, and the Unicorn by Patricia C. Wrede
  • Starhorn by Shirley Rousseau Murphy
  • The Court of the Summer King by Jennifer Roberson
  • The Strangers by Audrey Alexandra Brown
  • The Boy Who Drew Unicorns by Jane Yolen


  • A hardcover edition by Doubleday in 1988 with ISBN 0385240007, original price $14.95. With cover art and illustrations by Tim Hildebrandt.
  • A trade?paperback edition by Doubleday in June 1991 with ISBN 0385419309, original price $9.00, cover art by Tim Hildebrandt
  • A paperback edition by Magic Carpet Books in 2004 with ISBN 015205216X, original price $5.95, cover illustrated by Echo Chernik
  • A hardback school and library binding in 2004 from Topeka Bindery with ISBN 1417636874, original price £11.52