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About 50 years old when Fitz first meets him, his hair and his short-trimmed beard are both steely grey as are his eyes except for a hint of blue. He walks with a sailor's gait and is not accustomed to horses. He is part of the Witted group that comes to Buckkeep to negotiate with Queen Kettricken about how to end the persecution of the Witted folk. He is the only one of the group that comes to Buckkeep unmasked and is quick to impress and befriend everyone from the soldiers to the Queen herself. His Wit-companion is a female sea-bird called Risk. He is originally from a small coastal town on Buck's border with Bearns. He is a fisherman by trade, and the last of a once large Old Blood family which had mostly perished during the Red Ship War. He is not married and doesn't have any children.

He becomes a trusted advisor to Dutiful and a member of his Wit Coterie.