Witness Stones

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The Wittness Stones are four big black stones thrust up in a quadrangle on the cliffs near Buckkeep. They are made of the memory stone and look like the black rocks of the Buckkeep castle except that there are silvery threads running along them. There have once been markings or runes on each side of them, but either time and weather or the hands of men have obscured them beyound reading. They are actually Skill-pillars but their original use has been forgotten. Nobody knows whence the tradition comes to call the Stones to witness wows, but it is strongly believed that a fight fought before them will end with the one whose cause is just prevailing. Many more superstitions are associated with them as well, for example barren women are supposed to be able to concieve a child there, or that a woman can ask the Stones to take away an unborn child from her womb. Many pairs pledge marriage wows before the Stones as well.