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A Touch of Lavender is a science fiction story by Megan Lindholm.

The story was nominated for both a Nebula and a Hugo and won the Asimov's Readers Award for Best Novella.




  • A Dutch translation (title?) published in 2012 in De verhalen.
  • French translation Un peu de lavande in "Futurs tous azimuts" published by Pocket in 1992 with ISBN 9782266042710.
  • A French translation Une note de Lavande in "L’Héritage et autres nouvelles" first published in 2012, reprinted in 2013.
  • A German translation Ein Hauch von Lavendel, translated by Michael Windgassen in "Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazin 36. Folge" from Heyne in 1990.

International covers


This story is included in The Inheritance anthology.

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