Bones for Dulath

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Bones for Dulath was the first Ki and Vandien story to be published. It was also the first Megan Lindholm story published in a commercial venue. [1] Chronologically it takes place between the novels The Limbreth Gate and Luck of the Wheels.


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  • Dutch translation Beenderen voor Dulath in 1982, in a Dutch translation of Amazons! by Gradivus SF with the title Amazone (cover and spine title) or Amazones (title page). ISBN 9063175639 (paperback), translated by Rie Neehus.
  • German translation In der Grube in a German translation of Amazons! Amazonen-Geschichten, translated by Andrea Dorfmüller.
  • Italian translation Ossa per Dulath, in 1987 in an Italian translation of Amazons! Amazzoni ed Eroine. L'heroic fantasy al femminile, translated by Maria Teresa Tenore.
  • Norwegian (Bokmål) translation (title?) in 1986 in a Norwegian translation of Amazons! Amasoner.

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Ki and Vandien chronology

Harpy's Flight | The Windsingers | The Limbreth Gate | Bones for Dulath | The Small One | Luck of the Wheels


  1. SFF World Interview with Robin Hobb July 21st, 2005