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The original UK hardback cover of Fool's Errand, art by John Howe.
The original US hardback cover of Fool's Errand, art by Stephen Youll.
UK reprint cover of Fool's Errand, art by Jackie Morris.
UK 2014 reprint cover of Fool's Errand, art by Jackie Morris.

Fool's Errand is the first book in the Tawny Man trilogy. It continues the tale of Fitz about 15 year after the events of Assassin's Quest. While not directly linked to Fitz, the Liveship Traders trilogy takes place chronologically between the Farseer and Tawny Man trilogies and is recommended reading before the Tawny Man trilogy due to how some of the plot elements come to affect Fitz's life.

Fool's Errand is followed by The Golden Fool and Fool's Fate.


For Ruth and her Stripers, Alexander and Crusades.


  • An Australia/New Zealand trade paperback edition the 26th of September 2001 from HarperCollins Australia with ISBN 0007110561, printed and bound by Griffin Press, Netley, Australia.
  • A UK hardcover edition in October 2001 by Voyager with ISBN 0002247267. Original price £17.99. Cover art by John Howe. The covert art stays the same between later editions for many years except changes in font colour and the little corner vignette images change place.
    • A hardcover (??) advance review copy in July 2001 by Voyager/HarperCollins, ISBN 00022547267.
    • A UK hardcover in UK by Book Club Associates.
  • A UK paperback in September/October 2002 by Voyager with ISBN 0006486010. (Possible dummy cover online, new font only used from TGF on?)
  • An eBook edition in November 2002 by Spectra.
  • A UK audiobook edition from HarperCollins the 31st of January 2013 with ASIN B00B90MNOG. Length 23 hours and 13 minutes, read by Nick Taylor.
  • A US audiobook from BrillianceAudio the 15th of July 2014 with ISBN 9781491512852. Read by James Langton.


  • A Bulgarian translation Мисията на шута from Бард in 2008 in paperback. Translated by Валерий Русинов. ISBN 9789545859809, cover art by Stephen Youll.
  • A Czech translation was split in two parts, the titles are ??? ??? and Kocici hrad (the latter published in June 2004). Both translated by Jan ???.
  • A Dutch translation De oproep van de nar September 4th 2001 by Meulenhoff with ISBN 902907003X (hardback), translated by Peter Cuijpers. Notable as this translation was published before the 1st English edition.
  • A Finnish translation Narrin matka in November 2003 by Otava with ISBN 9511181947 (hardback), translated by Sauli Santikko
  • A French translation was split in two parts, translated by Arnaud Mousnier-Lompré.
    • Le prophète blanc in 2002/2003? by Pygmalion with ISBN 2857048068 (trade paperback)
    • La secte maudite May 9th 2003 by Pygmalion (trade paperback).
  • A German translation Der lohfarbene Mann in 2006 from Bastei-Lübbe with ISBN 3404205421
  • A Polish translation Misja Blazna June 24th 2003 from MAG with ISBN 838900450X (trade paperback?), translated by Zbigniew A. Krolicki and cover art by Ciruelo.
  • A Swedish translation Narrens uppdrag in October 2003 by Natur och Kultur with ISBN 9127074498, translated by Lena Karlin.
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