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Farseer Buck / Buck of Buckkeep

Members of the royal family of Farseers as well as many men-at-arms in Buckkeep castle wear different kinds of emblems displaying a buck.

  • A buck's head was reserved for Regal and Verity - Fitz wore it originally too, but with a diagonal slash of red stitching that marked him a bastard.
  • A leaping buck is used by Burrich and other men-at-arms (unless they are part of a special guard like Kettricken's Guard)
  • A buck with his antlers lowered to charge is what Verity designs as Fitz's own crest before he leaves for the Mountain Kingdom for the first time.
  • Regal's crest as a king was a buck leaping over Farrow's golden oak.

The royal family and their servants use a special shade of blue often called "Buckkeep blue".

Kettricken's White Fox

Queen Kettricken's symbol and the crest her guard uses is a snarling White Fox on purple background.

Farrow's golden oak

The duchy of Farrow uses as their symbol a golden oak of their ruling family the Mountwells.


  • Lord Golden uses a golden cock pheasant as his symbol. This is also embroidered on the garments of his servant Tom Badgerlock.

Out Island clans

The clans of the Out Islands use animals as their emblems and often as their names as well.

Red in the Red Ships.

Bingtown Trader colors

and symbols too, like the rooster.

The Raven flag