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Verity by John Howe
Verity-as-Dragon by John Howe

Second son of King Shrewd and younger brother of Chivalry, older half-brother of Regal, about 18 years older than Fitz and two years younger than Chivalry. Husband of Kettricken. Verity and Kettricken had two children, Sacrifice who was still-born and Dutiful who was actually from Fitz's body.


When Fitz first sees him, he has a short dark beard, bushy and disorderly like his hair. As Verity is fond of riding and other outdoor activities, his cheeks are weathered. He also has heavy brows and dark eyes. Fitz describes him to Dutiful as a big man, nearly as tall as Fitz but bull-chested with wide shoulders. Fitz also remarks that when Verity wore battle harness, he looked as much soldier as prince.

However, Verity's appearance changes dramatically when he spends the summers of the Red Ship War battling the enemy with the Skill. He is forced to stay indoors and his appetite decreased, as a result of the draining effect of the Skill, leading to extreme weight loss and making him appear older than he truly was.


Verity was, as his name implies, very truthful and honest. He preferred being outdoors, loved hunting and was very fond of his dog Leon. He had a warm relationship with Fitz from the very beginning, but rarely had time for his young relative, even after he decided to teach more about the Skill to Fitz. He loved maps and spent a lot of time studying and drawing them.

Duties as a Prince

Verity was brought up as "the second" prince, and even when he was pushed up in the line of succession to the throne, often remarked that his older brother would have succeeded in his tasks much better.

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