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Brashen Trell is the oldest son of the Trells, the Old Trader family of Bingtown. He was disowned at a young age and struck out on his own. He is about 25 years old.


He was a prankster of a boy who skipped his lessons often. He got into gambling, drinking, and cindin young and didn't really get punished for it until he was cut off. He stayed around Bingtown for a short while, but wore out his welcome partly due to a reputation of leading young boys astray with his vices. He left Bingtown onboard Spray.

On this first sea voyage, Brashen was seasick and sore from being unaccustomed to the work. He was approached by a sailor named Farsey who attempts to force himself on Brashen and molests him. He heads on deck and sees his first sea serpent. A compulsion to throw himself overboard rises in Brashen and even though he stops himself, that scenario is a recurring nightmare for him. He decides he wants to return to Bingtown and try to reclaim his former life as a Trader son. He vows to give up gambling, give up drinking, and give up cindin, to go back to his father and beg for forgiveness.

Sometime after that, he is aboard a different ship, Child of the Wind, when it was overtaken by pirates. He was pressed into piracy by sword point and was a pirate onboard Despair for a while.


Eventually, Brashen found his way back to Bingtown and was given a chance aboard Vivacia, captained by Ephron Vestrit. He worked his way up to become first mate on Vivacia and was trusted by Captain Vestrit. After the liveship passed to Kyle Haven, Brashen was hired on as a sailor on the Reaper, a slaughter ship. Due to storms and sickness, Brashen quickly rose through the ranks of capable men and became the third mate and doctor aboard the Reaper and subtly looks out for Althea Vestrit, who is masquerading as Athel, the ship's boy.

After docking in Nook, Brashen is almost taken by crimpers and is saved by Althea. They both were injured in the attempt, and Brashen stitches her head wound. They take cindin to ease the pain and stay alert, but the lowered inhibitions and close quarters lowers both of their emotional walls and they have sex. Docking in Candletown, Brashen attempts to spend more time with Althea but they fight and he takes a new ship out of the town. He signs on as first mate aboard Springeve, a merchant vessel for pirated goods.

During his time aboard Springeve, he sees the painting of Vivacia that Althea commissioned amongst other goods from Sincure Faldin. He confirms that Vivacia has been taken by Captain Kennit when he sees her in Divvytown, and he convinces the captain of Springeve, Finney, to go back to Bingtown. Brashen approaches the Vestrit family with the news and stays in town. Springeve sails away after two days. Back in Bingtown, Brashen and Amber concoct a plan to purchase Paragon from the Ludluck family through Davad Restart and lead a crew to recapture Vivacia.

He is the captain of Paragon during Vivacia's rescue attempt.

Brashen Trell is Althea Vestrit's lover and husband.

After The Liveship Trader Trilogy

Brashen and his wife Althea live onboard Paragon with their son, Boy-O. They carry Alise and Sedric to Trehaug.

Other names

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The Realm of the Elderlings

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