Fitz and the Fool coloring book

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Cover art for the Fitz and the Fool coloring book, art by Manuel Preitano.

Fitz and the Fool coloring book is a coloring book produced by Dabel Brothers Publishing with art from Manuel Preitano. It is a tie-in to the Realm of the Elderlings series and officially approved by the author. The project was first announced publicly at the Emerald City Comic Con in March 2018, although Robin Hobb had posted some hints at her facebook page already in late 2017. The coloring book is the first official widely available commercial "elderlings" product. The coloring pages feature scenes and characters from all of the main novels of the series.


Dabel Brothers Publishing, 16th of July 2018 with ISBN 9780999616369

Table of contents


Two different full-color promotional posters were produced to promote this book, featuring scenes not found in the coloring book itself.
The first one was freely available for visitors to the Emerald City Comic Con where the coloring book was first announced. It features a nighttime scene with Fitz and Nighteyes. Due to popular demand, this first poster was also available as a digital download by request at the Dabel Brothers facebook page after ECCC.
A second, complimentary poster was posted alongside the coloring book to customers who had preordered from the Dabel Brothers online store before the end of April 2018. This poster features Nighteyes, Fitz and the Fool as well as a dragon in the background.