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Also called "Mishap," an orphan boy who Starling found in Flounder Cove and brought to stay with Fitz, who was living under the name Tom Badgerlock, six months later. Hap was 7 or 8 years old by then. His mother had died and his sister didn't want to take care of him, and it is possible that he is a Red Ship bastard. He has mismatched eyes, one blue and one brown. He stayed with "Tom" for 7 years before trying to find a life of his own.

Hap went first to work on farms to gain money, and then followed "Tom" to Buckkeep town and stayed with Jinna, whom he had befriended when he visited the town during Springfest with Starling. He showed talent for cabinetmaking and was apprenticed to Master Gindast, but had trouble concentrating on his work because he had fallen in love with Svanja. They had a passionate courtship, of which her father didn't approve, until Svanja's original sweetheart, a sailor boy, came back to town and Svanja broke Hap's heart. He then moved to live with the other apprentices near Gindast's shop and started to work really hard.

He eventually chose the profession of a minstrel.