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Jinna's door by John Howe

A hedge-witch whom Hap met while visiting Buckkeep during Springfest with Starling. Jinna has hazel eyes and freckles and a round figure, her hair is curly and auburn to brown in colour. She is nearing her middle years and doesn't see too well. She does not read. She is about six years younger than Fitz really is. He claims to be 42 when they sit in her house waiting for Hap's return but that is 7 years past his real age. Thus Jinna would be 29.

Jinna came to sell her charms in the market place where Tom Badgerlock and Hap sold their spare chickens and inks and met them there. She also came to visit their cabin after meeting Hap on the road, and traded some inks Fitz had made to a charm for his garden. She first showed him a charm meant against predators, to which both Nighteyes and Fitz reacted physically. She realized that Fitz is Witted but said only that "a man can't help how he's made". For tuning the garden charm, she also read his palms.

Jinna learned her trade from her father but her sister did not share her gift for it, which caused much jealousy among them. She was born in Buckkeep town and that's where her home is during winters although she also spends much time on the roads. She knows the folk of her town very well, and has read many palms there. She knew even Padget, having played with his girl-cousins when they were all children.

Miskya is her niece and she also has a nephew who had a room in her house before he grew up and married away.