Hest Finbok

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Hest is from a wealthy Bingtown trading family, and he marries Alise Kincarron for convenience. Hest is described as handsome and charming, but he is also shown to be highly manipulative and cruel. He keeps his affair with his secretary Sedric Meldar a secret from his wife, and for many years she has no idea of the truth, desipte suspecting Hest of being unfaithful.

Alise plans to travel to the Rain Wilds, to study the dragons first-hand. Hest thinks her studies are foolish, and tries to prevent her travelling, depsite the fact he had vowed to let her go on the trip in their marriage contract. After Sedric supports Alise's arguements, Hest furiously allows her to go, but he punishes Sedric by making him accompany her as a chaperon.

As Dragon Keeper progresses, we learn that Hest had been overly dominant and sometimes sadistic in his relationship with Sedric. Although Sedric is in love with Hest, it is doubtful if Hest ever felt that strongly for Sedric. It is hinted that by sending Sedric away to the Rain Wilds with Alise, Hest was signalling to Sedric that their relationahip was finished, and that he was moving on to someone else.

Not to be confused with Hest of the Prince's Guard.