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Sedric Meldar is from a middle class Bingtown trading family, and is described as handsome and well mannered. He has a sister called Sophie.

Dragon Keeper

Sedric is a childhood friend of Alise Kincarron, and he suggests that his lover and employer, Hest Finbok, marry her for convenience. Hest does this, and for many years Alise has no idea of her friend's affair with her husband. When Sedric supports Alise's plan to travel to the Rain Wilds, pointing out that the plan was in their marriage contract, Hest punishes Sedric by forcing him to go with her, and act as her chaperon.

He is hurt by Hest's punishment but determined to find a way to build a life for the two of them where they can live freely. Sedric connects with a Chalcedean and makes a deal to gather dragon parts, for which the Duke of Chalced will pay handsomely.

Sedric is initially incapable of hearing the dragons' thought communication, and compares dragon noises to the moo of a cow, which the dragon Sintara finds offensive. He continues to think of the dragons as rather ungainly animals, and builds a stash of scales and flesh from helping Thymara and Sylve work on the keeperless silver dragon's injured tail.

One night he sees an opportunity: the keeperless copper dragon is ill and sleeping. He creeps over to her and steals scales, then blood. Without really understanding what drives him, he drinks a large amount of her blood, planting the seeds for forming a bond with the dragon.

Dragon Haven

Initially the blood makes him sick, and while he lies fevered in his cabin, Jess ferrets out his secret store of dragon parts.

Sedric begins to build a stronger connection with the dragon. At the same time, he slowly comes to accept that Hest never loved him, and for the first time, he fully acknowledges how cruel and sadistic Hest is.

After the flood, when he defeats Jess's attempt to kill the copper dragon, Carson comes looking for him. He and Carson begin to build a more loving relationship. He reveals his relationship with Hest to Alise, and begs her forgiveness.

Eventually as his bond with Relpda grows in strength, he continues to help the dragon, resulting in her choosing to begin his transformation into an Elderling. Relpda sees his theft of her blood as his desire to become closer to her, and expresses quite clearly to him that his nearness makes it easier for her to think and express herself.

Sedric makes an effort to take his own life, but Relpda sends Carson to save him.

City of Dragons

Across the river from Kelsingra, Sedric and Carson move into an abandoned hut together.

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The Realm of the Elderlings

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