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Thymara is the human/Elderling keeper of the dragon Sintara, initially known as Skymaw amongst the keepers.

Dragon Keeper

Thymara, born with claws and deemed unfit to live by Rain Wilds standards, is saved by her father, despite her mother's disapproval of his act. Their only child to survive, she is raised as a hunter and gatherer in the canopy of the Rain Wild forest. She is resourceful and works well with her father, and her father's helper Tats.

She witnesses the dragons emerging from their cocoons at Cassarick and can understand them immediately. She is full of sympathy for their malformations but admires them all the same.

When she is offered a position as a dragon keeper, she persuades her father that the experience will be good for her; as someone so deeply changed by the Rain Wilds, she will not be allowed to marry, and she perceives this opportunity will allow her to have a life of her own.

When she joins the keepers, she first believes they are all friends and she has found a place she can call her own. As the story progresses she learns that the web of relationships is more complex and difficult.

Her close friends are Tats, Sylve and Rapskal. These three take on the task of caring for the two dragons who are left without keepers, in addition to caring for their own.

Thymara has a tense opposition with Greft. She at first perceives him as self-serving, which is borne out when Greft claims he killed an elk that she had hunted herself. She is further uncomfortable with Greft's desire to pair off the keepers and is insulted by his suggestions that she should choose a mate in order to keep the peace. Thymara prefers to make such decisions for herself. She similarly rejects Greft's posturing as leader of the keepers.

Unique among the keepers, Thymara has a rather tumultuous relationship with her dragon, with them both professing dislike of each other at numerous time. She eventually forms a tenuous friendship with Alise Kincarron, who seems to have an easier time responding to the dragon's glamour. Thymara feels uneasy about the dragon's charm, and knowing it for a glamour reacts by walling off her emotions and simply caring for her in a practical way.

When the blue dragon she selects to keep will not reveal her name, Thymara names her "Skymaw" after a beautiful but deadly Rain Wild flower. Later, Mercor reveals her name is Sintara, much to the blue dragon's ire.

Dragon Haven

Eventually, after treating her dragon by removing a Rasp snake from Sintara's body, she is splattered with dragon blood and ingests some of it, causing her scaling to accelerate and increasing the connection strength to Sintara.

Due to their irregular relationship, neither is truly aware of this, and the changes to a large degree proceed without conscious direction. Eventually Mercor forces Sintara to take charge of the changes. When Sintara covertly inspects Thymara, she notes the unusual type of changes the young woman is going through, but does not see fit to inform her of them.

During the time after this, Sintara makes sure Thymara learns a lot about dragon wings, especially about how they function.

Thymara forms a relationship of sorts with her childhood friend Tats in Dragon Haven, but she remains wary of sleeping with him, in case she becomes pregnant. She keeps their physical contact limited. Tats accuses her of teasing him, and she reacts with hurt and affront, and reminds him that pregnancy is immediately dangerous to her in a way that he cannot experience.

She also has a charged friendship with Rapskal, although the tenor of their interactions is different. Tats is a childhood friend and confidant, and Rapskal is a happy-go-lucky but subtly intelligent companion who lightens her mood. Further complicating her friendships with the two young men is an air of competition between Rapskal and Tats for her physical attentions.

City of Dragons

At Kelsingra, Thymara discovers some of the city's secrets, and willingly shares what she finds with the other keepers.

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The Realm of the Elderlings

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