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Tats is the human/Elderling keeper of the dragon Fente.

Unlike the other keepers, Tats is not Rain Wild Trader born, but born into slavery as one of the Tattooed. He comes to the Rain Wilds with his mother, who dies shortly afterward. Thymara's father employs him in their family hunting and gathering business from a young age, and he and Thymara have a long-standing friendship.

Early in the expedition to find Kelsingra, Tats has a romantic relationship with Jerd. This puts some strain on his friendship with Thymara.

His relationship with Fente is relatively easy. He accepts the challenges she puts before him. With Thymara, Sylve and occasionally Rapskal, Tats helps care for a copper and silver dragon who are left keeperless, there being insufficient keepers for the number of dragons.

During his Elderling changes, his scales simply enhance the traits of his skin, including the tattoo on his face. It appears that Fente admires Tats for who he his, and seeks to enhance the physical appeal she sees in him.

Tats makes his feelings for Thymara known in Dragon Haven, but Thymara is wary of sleeping with him in case she falls pregnant. Tats expresses jealousy of other young men, especially Rapskal, who pay attention to Thymara.

Like Thymara, he has a strong dislike for Greft.

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