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Greft was the human/Elderling keeper of the dragon Kalo.

Among the original dragon keepers, he is the oldest and the one most heavily marked by the Rain Wilds.

Early on he fashions himself the leader of the keepers, but does not really succeed, since not all are willing to follow him. His methods are proven by his actions to be motivated selfishly; on one occasion he steals the credit for Thymara's hunted elk, and when the keepers lose most of their equipment in a storm, he does not share what remains to him.

Greft eventually pairs off with his fellow dragon keeper Jerd, with whom he has slept numerous times, and it is possible that he is the father of her miscarried child. Even though he feels some uncertainty on this point himself, Greft claims the unborn child as his own, in what he expresses to some of his fellows as an effort to keep the peace among the other keepers.

Greft's methods of "leadership" offend Thymara. He urges her several times to choose a mate; Thymara feels strongly that she will select her own mate, if she chooses one at all, rather than decide based on what Greft argues is best for the group.

The hunter Jess brings Greft around to thinking that dragon parts should be sold, which causes the dragons to take a strong dislike to him.

Eventually, Greft tries to demand blood from Kalo, which prompts his dragon to revoke his keeper status. Without the guidance of Kalo, the changes within his body begin to kill him. Though no conclusive evidence has been given to support it, it is quite possible that Kalo, or another dragon, intentionally made Greft's changes deadly after the revocation.

Greft tries to escape, and steals Sedric Meldar's vials of dragon blood along with a substantial portion of the travellers' supplies from Tarman, in the hopes of returning to Trehaug and selling them. Sedric and Carson follow him, and find that he has been fatally attacked by a gallator. His body is surrounded by Sedric's empty vials; the dragon parts did not save him from death.