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Jess Torkef is one of the three hunters on the Tarman expedition.

Rain Wild Chronicles

Jess is employed by shadowy figures that work for the Duke of Chalced and has been engaged by them to steal the dragons' body parts to cure the Duke.

He attempts to blackmail Leftrin, and persuades Greft over to his cause. He spies on Sedric Meldar and assumes he has been employed by the same people. Although it's likely the person who approached Sedric is in on the plot, Sedric is both naïve and has ultimately begun to bond with the copper dragon he stole blood from, and wants nothing to do with Jess.

Leftrin confronts Jess just before the flood of the Rain Wild River and beats him physically. Later, Sedric and the copper dragon emerge from the flood near where Jess has also landed. Jess tries to talk Sedric into helping him kill and cut up the dragon, but Sedric fights him, and the dragon ultimately eats Jess.

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