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Jerd is the female human/Elderling keeper of the dragon Veras.

Jerd is a physically strong, solidly built young woman who is a reliable caretaker for Veras.

During the journey, Jerd acts careless of the traditional Rain Wilds rule against those heavily touched by the Rain Wilds that denies them the right to mate and have children. After sleeping with several of the young men in the camp, she becomes pregnant. The father of her child is not known for certain, but Greft claims it to prevent any fights and to, as he says, keep her under control.

Eventually the child is stillborn, which might be revealing of what happens to partially formed Elderlings becoming pregnant, as the child is not human nor Elderling, but is rather half human, half serpent. The child's malformations could also be attributed to the perils of the Rain Wilds.