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Sintara, also known by the name "Skymaw" (given to her by Thymara), is a blue, female dragon (queen), formerly the serpent Sisarqua of Maulkin's tangle.

She is born stronger than many of the other dragons who emerge at Cassarick, but one wing is substantially smaller than the other one.

Her keeper is Thymara.

Dragon Keeper

Sintara considers most humans beneath her dignity. She finds her lack of ability to fly deeply frustrating and avoids thinking about it as much as possible.

She appreciates attention from Thymara and Alise Kincarron, but feels that neither of them give her the admiration she feels is her due. At first she will not share her true name with any of the humans, although the rest of her fellow dragons have shared theirs; Mercor finally tells Thymara her name is not "Skymaw" but Sintara. Sintara is affronted but adapts.

Sintara often prods Thymara toward behavior she thinks is appropriate for a "queen," behaviors that may or may not be healthy for Thymara or in line with the young woman's wishes for herself. One of these instances leads her to trick Thymara into accidentally watching Greft and Jerd having an intimate moment in the forest.

Dragon Haven

At Mercor's urging, and his threat to take over if Sintara does not act, Sintara begins to take more control of Thymara's changes. By the end of the novel Thymara is in the beginning stages of becoming an Elderling.

Sintara herself, motivated by Heeby's outshining her by flying first, makes her first clumsy flight attempt.