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Lucto Ludluck was the son of Sedge, a captain of Paragon. Lucto, or Lucky, was described as a dreamer with imagination by Paragon to Amber, who had ideas of a better life than Bingtown. He sailed with his father and convinced Sedge to dabble in trade in the Pirate Isles.

When Sedge died in Divvytown, Lucto never returned to Bingtown because he enjoyed his freedom too much in the Pirate Isles. He married a girl, took the crew with him, traded well, built up a fortress on Keyhole Island and settled down for life. He and his wife, 'Mother' Ludluck, had a child. He was easygoing and too trusting when Igrot offered a partnership. He was betrayed by the pirate during their alliance celebration.

Igrot took Lucto hostage to control Lucto's son, Kennit, and took over Paragon.

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